DALE COUNTY YOUTH
                   2018-19 PowerPoint

(Left to Right) Alana Gordon, Joycelyn Tinker, Sela Balkcom, Libby-Kate Deloney, Morgan Ferguson, Ally-Anna Outlaw, Emilee Pedroza, Julia Adams, Claudia Walker, Abigail Tanner, Jackson Baker, Kylie Gallaspie, KD Friend, Yi Liu, Noah Phillips, Tabby Cribb (In front Kit Varney)


DCYLP is a non-profit tax exempt corporation with the mission of building leadership among selected juniors in the five Dale County high schools.  The corporation's goals include:

  To increase awareness of community issues, problems, opportunities,  and successes to allow participants to nurture their ideas and talents as future leaders of Dale County.

  To introduce the  Dale County Youth Leadership Program participants to community leaders and decision makers.

    To expand and develop their leadership skills, decision making capabilities, and communication skills through hands-on experiences.

  To foster and develop an attitude of community service and participation through volunteer activities.

  To assist youth in becoming more vested in Dale County in order to develop a lifelong commitment to their community.